Lovely Quilt Cube Side Table

Lovely Quilt Cube Side Table:

Basic box store foam cube up-scaled into this lovely, rolling,  quilt-cube side table.

quilt cube

Another empty-nest leftover transformed from this-

quilt cube foam blockquilt cube rolling base











to this-

quilt cube in room

Scraps of vintage textiles camouflage tears and blemishes in the cutter quilt slip-cover

quilt cube detail

while pieces of salvaged wooden planks with lovely distressed paint make the base.

quilt cube on wheels

Simple wheels finished the project.


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Glamping – It’s a Girl Thing

Glamping – it’s a girl thing and it is coming to the ridge!  I’m hosting  a clamping weekend this fall for  my sisters and the planning is already underway. There will be  activities like bread baking, hiking, crafting, outdoor chick-flicks (Mama Mia, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, How to Make an American Quilt- suggestions welcomed) a vineyard picnic, or maybe a trip to the orchard,  campfires and of course glamping up our tents. This weekend sister Edna (my sister not a” Sister sister”) came by to help me on a trial tent glamp-up.

While it’s a must that our glamping accommodations be fabulous, here on the ridge we glamp on the cheap.  To that end,  our yard sale treasures this spring have been heavy on the glamping theme with lovely textiles, accessories and furnishings suitable for making  our tents, which will be pop-ups and picnic tents, fabulously  glamorous. With sister Enda’s pop-up tent and the yard sale’n inventory of lovely stuff, we put together a space that is the essence of glamor + camping.

glamping set-up

Sis arrived with her pop-up tent and a vision of  a filmy, white, shabby chic space; which I love, however I was feeling  a bit more color. As it turned out,  her tent was blue and we had only enough white sheers for three walls, so entered my colorful tablecloths and a touch of  bohemian; the marriage of our visions resulted in  a glorious space with a wonderful vibe.

fabulous glamping tent

The day was windy and we often found ourselves engulfed in a flowy mass of white, billowing in the breeze; so we anchored the bottom of the fabric by threading a string through the hems and securing the string under the stakes at each tent pole.

glamping on the ridge

Then we invited the rest of the sisters out for a preview…

glamping sisters (3)

and a few treats.

glamping eats
glamping sisters

I’m LOVE’N it!

I'm glamping

Love’n The Versatile Succulent

Ever since my daughter chose to use succulents in her wedding, I have been in love with these beautiful, durable plants.

succulent wedding bouquet


succulents as table decor

From bouquets, to planters, to the garden, even to the garden wall, their versatility makes them perfect for so many applications.

succulents in the garden

To add a splash of eclectic fun to my window, I recently used a colorful olive oil tin and re-purposed it into a sill sized planter. First I used a belt sander to grind off the top of the tin. Then using hot soapy water I cleaned the empty tin. Next, I punched a few holes into the bottom and filled it half way to the top with pea gravel, before filling it the rest of the way with a cactus potting mixture. Finally I added the succulents and finished by covering the soil with pea gravel.

succulents planted in re-purposed olive oil tin

Spread the love – plant some succulents!

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A Memorial DayThank You To Our Service Members: It May Be Belated, But It’s Always Timely

portraite of wwi soldiers
Grandpa John Henry, his brother as WWI Army soldiers and two of their cousins

I am finally recovering from a very nasty sore throat that, along with an early tropical storm, made for a less than an enjoyable Memorial Day. However, our brave serves members past and present were, as they always are, in my thoughts, my heart and my prayers.  So even though the sentiment is late it’s still timely: Thank you and God bless to all who serve or have served our nation – without you we could not be.

wwll sailor
My dad, Navy, WWII


My Brother, Navy 1960's-70's


Navy portrait
My sister, Navy, Army reserve 1970's-2011


home from afghanistan deployment
My daughter's reunion with her Air Force husband as he returned from Afghanistan, 2011

It’s Just The Way Some Days Go

I’m on another painting retreat by the ocean; after all, I had a wonderfully creative and productive experience during my earlier retreat.  This time however, has been a bit more frustrating. For my first painting I chose to attempt something a little different, but after a few days of struggling to get it right,  I decided to set it aside – let it percolate in my mind for a while.

pelicans on a dock
Pelicans on a dock, acrylic on canvas board (it’s almost right)

 grabbing a fresh canvas I stared a new painting.

guy netting for bait fish
Netting bait-fish, acrylic on canvas (there will eventually be a net in this guy’s hands)

But once again I find myself struggling with the same ole’ frustrations; scale, perspective, color and composition. I guess that’s just the way some days go, so with a beach towel tucked under my arm and a glass of wine in my hand, I’m off to clear my head and refresh my creativity; an easy task with the ocean just fifty-two steps from the door.

fifty-two steps to the water's edge
Fifty-two steps to the water’s edge

I’ll keep you posted.

A Beautiful Day On The Water

hubby at the helm of his silver king flats boat

Hubby and I spent one day this past weekend aboard our flats boat exploring the local waterways. Most of the area is a minimum wake zone, so we slowly motored through channels and among the mangroves, taking pictures and watching for manatee and dolphins.

south causeway nsb fl

The day was beautiful, the sky wide and blue and the water calm. I snapped pictures of the scenery, wildlife and boaters until my memory card was full; they will be great inspiration for future paintings.

boats and sweeet little cottage along intracoastal waterway

At lunch we moored up at a colorful fish camp, turned restaurant, for fish tacos and a margarita.

colorful fish-camp restaurnt ponce inlet fl

 eclectic fish-camp Ponce Inlet FL

water-side fish-camp restaurant ponce inlet fl

creative mason jar fly traps

By mid-day the sandbar near the inlet, known locally as disappearing island because it is exposed only at low tide, was circled by boats nosed up to the sand so picnickers, volleyball players and Frisbee throwers, along with their dogs, could enjoy the temporary island.

disappearing island nsb fl

It was such a wonderful day full of inspiration I wanted to share it with you – I hope you enjoyed the boat ride.

Living Succulent Wreath

Living succulent wreath:living succulent wreath

While my daughter Kate, of Twice Treasured, was visiting for Mother’s Day, she mentioned a beautiful living succulent wreath project she had recently pinned  on Pinterest.  She commented that sometimes she, like a lot of us, was guilty of pinning projects with the intention of doing them but then not following through.  This project, however, was so perfect for us that we decided to make  time and actually create this beautiful succulent wreath.

Two wire wreath forms
Medium gauge wire and wire cutters
Mat floral moss
Succulent soil

Line one of the wire wreath forms with the mat moss

making a succulent wreath

Pack with soil (the moss should keep the soil from passing through the back of the wire

Gently work the roots of the succulents through the wire of the other wire form so that the plants are on the outside and the roots are on the inside

applying plants into succulent wreath

 Place the planted form on top of the soil form and wire them together working the  roots  into the soil

 Using your fingers, gently work more moss into the wire around the plants

constructing a succulent wreath

 Cut four-inch pieces of wire and bend them into  hairpin shapes. Press the hairpins into the wreath among the plants and moss to secure

how to construct succulent wreath

Water thoroughly and keep the wreath flat for a couple of weeks or until the plants have rooted then it can be hung vertically.

 succulent wreath

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Happy Mother’s Day

I have been so blessed throughout my life to be surrounded by amazing women;mothers, grandmothers, surrogate mothers and yet to be mothers. As a girl, my image of what it meant to be a woman was formed by wise, kind, strong woman. The mothers all around our small rural community were  mothers to all the neighborhood kids.  Grandmothers and aunts  barely distinguished between their own  and the extra kids that were always around and under-foot.

My beautiful grandmas; Grandma Jane and Grandma Edna

 I count my mom and sisters among my greatest blessings…

 and my daughters, along with my sweet son, are God’s greatest gifts to me.

Girlfriends are priceless; and mine, like my sisters, are wonderfully CRAZY!

So to women everywhere, past, present and yet to be – Happy Mother’s Day and God bless.

Bath time in grandma’s sink

My mom and sister


Me with my lovely daughters

Florida Keys Inspired

pelicans on the docks

Recently, hubby and I decided to take a, spur-of-the-moment, drive down to the Florida Keys. It was a couple of days of tropical drinks, relaxation and inspiration. The unique and beautiful relationship between land, light and water  in the keys is truly inspiring.

 florida keys


Here is  my first attempt to capture the inspiring beauty of the Florida Keys on canvas

wading in the clear waters of the fl keys
Wading In The Clear Waters Of The Florida Keys, acrylic on canvas