Hello World – this is Kathy and Lisa.   We are new to the blogging community and  as newbies, we are sure we will make some mistakes along the way but hope our virtual friends will forgive our mistakes and welcome us into the community anyway.    The inspiration for this site grew through collaboration on creative projects for ourselves, our families and our friends.   And in that spirit, our first post is about the creative spirit that envelops us this time of year.    Beginning with our homes.

Tree basket with vintage glass ornaments and back-lit with white Christmas lights.

This is a holiday decoration that Kathy created for her cabin.  The form is a re-purposed wire basket that she had used for years to serve Christmas candy at her annual tree trimming party.  If you are a kindred spirit, I am sure a search of your stash of un-partable  (hmm … Kathy is that a word?) goodies will uncover a form you can use to create your own version of this sweet decoration.   The ornaments came from her obsession to collect all things vintage and pretty.   If you do not suffer from the same compulsion to collect, you could certainly use new ornaments with lovely results.   Using ribbon, she attached white Christmas lights to the inside of the  basket then layered on the ornaments by threading the ribbon into the ornament hooks and on through openings in the wire basket.

Alright friends, we have smoke coming from our heads from the brain strain in trying to wrap our minds around this process of blogging.   But not to worry, a good glass of wine will soothe the strain.   So, thank you for welcoming us into this new community and until  next time, feed your spirit –  it’s what we do!!

6 thoughts on “WELCOME!!!

  1. Love the site-the photos look great


    1. Thanks Diana, We are pretty proud of the way the blog looks. Please visit often.


  2. love the site Kathy & Lisa… Looking forward to many more blogs and how to tips and suggestions to be creative…


    1. Paula,Thanks for visiting our blog, we hope you enjoyed it and that you will visit often.


  3. Kathy, the site is great. It really gives the out side world a glimes of what we here on the ridge get to see every day, a realy wonderfull place to grow up and live. I’m excite that Lisa has also become part of the ridge, she is so much fun and it looks like very creative too. Looking forward for more from the blue antler studio. Love the pictures.


    1. So glad you checked out the site, glad you enjoyed it. Be sure to visit often.


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