Handmade Recycled Paper Ornaments

 A few years ago, during her after Christmas bargain search, Lisa found a beautiful white feather tree. Although she saw potential in its snowy white branches, it languished in her closet until this year.  Then something told her it was time to make the tall, slender tree a part of her Christmas display. So she dug it out and sat it on her kitchen island and waited for it to reveal to her how it wanted to be adorned. If inanimate objects can be kindred spirits surely this tree must be one because, true to Lisa’s spirit, she saw it draped in vintage pom- pom garland and paper tree ornaments crafted from the recycled pages of her favorite magazines.

2 thoughts on “Handmade Recycled Paper Ornaments

  1. Wow! I am impressed! You two have done an awesome job. I can’t wait to get the Santa that I won at Kate’s event:) Next one I will be there in more than spirit…


    1. Hey Debbie, Thanks for reading our blog, we are having a great time and hope you will check us out often.


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