Textile Addictions

In carving out a small part of  “me” in our home office, I brought in from the garage an old baguette cooling rack (or so I am told ;-))  that I picked up during my scavenger travels in Kentucky.    And, although I am surrounded by the books that I love in this office, I really needed to bring in a little bit of my real addiction – textiles!!   I just cannot resist yummy fabric, trims, beautiful yarns – even burlap is gorgeous to my eyes.   The rack is a great resting place for some of these beauties and I can gaze at them during the mundane activities of paying bills, paperwork, phone calls, etc.    It’s a small space really but it makes my heart sing every time I glance over and start dreaming of the possibilities…..   My heart literally skips a bit every time I take a peak!    Try it with your own collections and let me know how it feels.   Small effort – big payoff!

Lisa's Rotating Textile Display

1 thought on “Textile Addictions

  1. Lisa – what a beautiful display! I have a small display of mom’s quilts that I enjoy very much. Thanks for sharing.


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