Happy New Year

It’s time once again to welcome a new year.  It seems only natural to take a moment to look back and reflect upon the year past. 2010 was good to Blue Antler Studio.   Several gatherings were held where creative tasks and ideas, from quilting, to jewelry making, to painting, were shared among friends.  We also took some time  to add a little sparkle to the studio with a bit of white wash, paint, burlap for curtains and a funky, metallic chandelier discovered during one of our many scavenger jaunts.  But Blue Antler Studio will best remember 2010 as the year we took a deep breath and made a leap of faith into the world of blogging. While reflection is important and appropriate at this moment, here at Blue Antler Studio we are excited about the things yet to come. So we say farewell to a wonderful year past and welcome to the promising one that lies ahead.   3FDH7SV54JDM


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