Taming Jewelry Tangle

While reading through one of my favorite blogs, “Confessions of a Pioneer Woman”, I came upon this post http://thepioneerwoman.com/homeandgarden/.  As it turns out pioneer women deal with many of the same things we women here on the Ridge and likely women everywhere  face.   For me this particular  post was very timely as it concerned an issue  I had recently dealt with myself – the taming of my tangled  jewelery collection.  I admit I have a weakness  for pretty things; textiles, particularly quilts and table clothes, chairs, baskets, old painted furniture, the list goes on and on. But I must say jewelry, old and new, holds a special place in my heart.

As a little girl I use to sneak into my Grandma Edna’s room so I could secretly admire her big chunky jewelry. In her tiny, overfilled room I would look in awe at the pretty  faux pearls, diamonds, rubies and sapphires draped over the dresser mirror, hanging on the dresser pulls and spilling out of trays on top of the dresser, it was splendid. Many years later, after Grandma was gone, I was given a small box containing some of her old costume jewelry, it was a treasure and the beginning of one of my many wonderful obsessions.

I am drawn to a piece of jewelry by many things,  its story or patina, its form or uniqueness or even its sheer bling factor, not the monetary value of the  materials from which it is crafted. So as you might imagine my collection is quite eclectic, ranging from my Grandma Edna’s era to the peace signs and mood rings of my youth to the beautiful pieces of contemporary artists. I have always been of the  opinion that the world is brighter in a pair of dangly earrings.  The point is I love jewelry and have amassed quite a collection, all of which I enjoy wearing. But managing my treasured baubles had become  quite a challenge. In her post the Pioneer Woman showed her readers a creative solution she had discovered to organize and display her jewelry. This made me think I should share my own solution to this problem.

The old glove mold I found at a local flea marked. My handy hubby mounted it  on a piece of wood for stability and it now holds my necklaces. My earrings hang on an inexpensive, decorative, metal, Celtic cross that I found at a local discount store. The treasures they hold are both old and new, gifts and splurges and sparkle for my spirit.


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