Attempting to Knit … Again!!!

Hi Everyone – I know it’s been some time since I last posted.   I am finally out of the “after the holidays” slump and have been thinking nostalgically about my mother-in-law, Lil.    It has been over four years since she passed, but she is never far away from my heart and my thoughts.   The holidays do have a way of bringing back the memories of our loved ones so vividly.    One of my fondest memories was of   Lil attempting to teach me how to knit (over and over and over again)!    She was a master at her craft and probably could make a sweater in her sleep 🙂   Anytime that I would get stuck or make a mistake, she would patiently show me where the mistake was made and quickly set me on the right track.   Since her passing, I have thought of making a few things often, but then who would help me when I got stuck?    Well, fortunately for me, I found that person – Marni from Knit!   Lil reincarnate.   She has the sweetest little store in Longwood, FL and the most amazing yarns in a rainbow of colors.   I had to touch every skein of yarn in there and dream of the possibilities.   I decided on a very doable scarf project in the softest alpaca yarn I have ever felt.   This should boost my confidence as it only has two stitches – knit and purl.  I will keep you posted and hopefully, show you the finished project soon.   I think Lil would be proud.


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One thought on “Attempting to Knit … Again!!!

  1. Lisa, Lil would be proud. Your post made me think of my own Grandma Jane. She taught me to knit in a circle using four needles, a technique she used to make wonderfully warm socks. Sadly I have long forgotten the technique but not Grandma or the time we spent together.


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