Lovely Shelves Covered in Fabric

Shelf covered in vintage fabric

I have a quick and easy project I want to share with any of my fellow fabric freaks that might be looking for ways to use and enjoy their precious textiles around the house.  To rev up the look of shelving I sometimes wrap them in fabric. Recently I used a piece of vintage cloth in muted shades of creams and browns to soften the look of plain shelving into a shabby chic home for some favorite photos; but if you’re looking for romance try velvet,  or  bold graphic prints for a splash of fun.

Start by determining the length to cut your fabric by measuring the shelf front to back, double that number and add a few extra inches for the shelf thickness, hem and some overlap. For the width, measure the shelf from side to side (do not double this number) but again add a few inches for the extras of thickness, hem and overlap. Cut one piece of fabric to the length and width determined by those measurements.

Next center a width edge of the fabric, side to side, on the back edge of the shelf, fold under a hem and tack in place.  Stretch the length of the fabric over the top, around the bottom and back to where it is tacked- totally encircling the shelf; pull taunt, fold a hem and tack in place.  Pull the extra length of top fabric down over both side edges of the shelf and tuck it under the cloth covering the bottom, taking care to form crisp corners and smooth out any wrinkles.  Now fold the remaining raw edges, hem style, along the sides of the shelf and using a whip or hidden stitch, secure in place.

Finally hang your sweetly adorned shelf, fill it with treasures that nourish your spirit and enjoy.


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