Oh no! My favorite sweater has a tear!

Oh no! When I reached for my favorite sweater, this chilly morning, I discovered it had a tear!  Not in an inconspicuous spot where I could simply sew or darn a discrete repair, no, it was front and center.  I purchased the sweater not long ago at a basement sale while on a trip to visit my daughter, who recently moved to NYC. I not only love its look and wearablity, I love its memories.  Not ready to part with a garment that warms both my body and my heart, I needed a creative solution and it just so happens I have shelves full of creative solutions. So I began digging for inspiration. I found some felt and considered a reverse appliqué; I looked at some beads, a little bling is always nice; the vintage silk flowers were an interesting option, but then I came across an old crocheted camisole.  It was beautiful, too beautiful to discard after it had lost its usefulness as a garment, so it ended up in my inspiration collection along with all the other lovely pieces and remnants of this and that; I had found my solution.

First I darned the hole closed to secure and abate further tearing. Next I carefully cut the florets from the cami.  After deciding their placement on the sweater, I first pinned them and then carefully stitched them into place.  As my hands focused on the work, my mind wandered through the streets of NYC and I smiled at the memory, still amazed by my beautiful daughter’s bravery and tenacity in chasing her dreams.  

Completely pleased with the outcome of the repair, I finally slipped on that favorite sweater. Then I poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down to send my daughter a, “I think u’r amazing!” text.


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  1. love the new look of your sweater-great job!


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