Early Spring at Blue Antler Studio


Well it has been far too long since our last post. All we can offer in the way of an excuse is we’ve been crazy busy with fun goings on. I just spent two great weeks in Kentucky, crafting, cooking and visiting at Blue Antler Studio, where Lisa was also able to spend a few days.   As always there was a lot happening out on The Ridge.

Jeff and Danny were busy once again boiling up some of their tasty maple syrup. Predictably, the activity attracted the locals and a large group of advice-giving oldtimers gathered around. For days the gravel road passing by the barn and boiling pan was clogged with pick-up trucks. The cold and rain and even one inch of late season snowfall, didn’t seem to detract from the enthusiasm.  It did however,  lead to standing room only around the wood stove in Dad’s nearby cabin and, ultimately, twenty three gallons of golden maple tastiness!

Lisa and I took advantage of the rainy days to work on some projects. Lisa sewed on a beautiful Alabama Chanin garment, http://alabamachanin.com/while I knitted, and re-knitted, and re-knitted a simple cotton dishrag – I am not the best at keeping count of my stitches or rows. I had more success with my ongoing, embroidered curtain project. I recently purchased some rich, hand-died, alpaca wool at a local farmer’s market in NSB that I incorporated  into my design with lovely results.

My mom, my inspiration, hosted her own gathering where she once again offered plain spoken instruction in the country art of cooking chicken and dumplings, fried sweet potatoes and fried cornbread – yum.  After the lesson we feasted. Then we settled down around the quilt frame where we stitched and visited the rainy afternoon away.

More of our time was spent on other gatherings; a ladies movie night – The Wedding Date – with wine and cheese and laughter; painting, Diana finally created a painting that made her happy; thrift store shopping with deals for all and a three day calving watch on an old cow that happily ended with a healthy, little, black calf! But, as always, time went by all too fast and, as always, leaving Blue Antler Studio was a little sad, but I look forward to returning soon.

Watch, in the following days, for more blogs about my time spent at Blue Antler Studio.


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