Another Wedding Update

The dress has been altered, cleaned and safely stored until the big day!  

In February, Cindy and I had an all too short, but wonderful, weekend together. We started it off with shoe shopping – found a fabulous, unexpected pair; then the dress fitting – the slightest of altering necessary; and finally off to the beach where we watched for whales- saw only dolphins; discussed wedding details and dined at some of our favorite NSB eateries. 

 At “That’s Amore’s”, the likely site for the rehearsal dinner, Alcenso showered us with attention, wine and wedding cake – Via Italia! At the “Garlic” we drank sangria under the lights in their enchanting garden and at “SoNapa” we watched a willow of a host break up a bar scuffle between snowbirds…what fun!

Today I took my son Nate, a groomsmen, suit shopping. I realize that those of you who know my tree climbing, rock climbing, backpacking, bike riding baby boy will struggle to imagine him in a suit, but  he wears it well.  He was such a good sport, joking that in the expensive Ralph Lauren, he felt a little like  James Bond, but my 007 will be just as dashing in a much more reasonably priced “Express Men’s” pin stripe!

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