Handmade Save-the-Date, Invitations, RSVP Cards

For months now friends and family, around the country and the world, have had a fun, photobooth picture strip hanging on their refrigerators, displaying the smiling faces of Cindy and Benny joyfully requesting that they save-the-date. Now the invitations have gone out and the RSVPs are finally coming in! With each response the young couple is reminded of the love and support that surrounds them as they prepare for the big day that is rapidly approaching.

Typical of the attitude that Cindy and Benny have had toward their wedding, the save-the-dates, invitations and RSVPs were creatively conceived and individually handcrafted. The project started back in December while we were all gathered together on the Ridge for the holidays.  One afternoon Cindy, Kate and I collected our supplies, poured a glass of wine and settled down by the fire to begin the design process. Cindy had the vision – young and fun, Kate the know how – protocol and etiquette and me the drawing skills.  

As one might imagine with the collaboration of three, creative, headstrong women, not to mention the mother daughter dynamics, the process involved some strong opinions, a little frustration and a lot of laughter; perhaps due in part to the wine, but mostly due to the shared stories of two little girls making their way through childhood to that very moment.

 We shook our heads remembering their little brothers tree climbing escapades; laughed out loud at six-year-old Kate’s wild “Pocahontas hair” and  Cindy’s preteen days playing dress up at the 1800’s  living history site.  Conversation flowed on to their childhood camping group, made up of fathers and children, and in particular the time their game of man hunt included an unsuspecting black bear. They recalled night-time canoe trips down wild Florida rivers, spotting alligators  and countless evenings spent around a campfire alongside many, sure to be,  life long friends.

Laughter turned to tears as we moved from Kate’s magical wedding only months earlier, to her husband’s absence and his tour of duty  in Afghanistan during this, their very first Christmas as husband and wife. Then talk of Paris with stories from my travels and plans for the upcoming honeymoon brought us full circle, ending the day with memories of a special afternoon by the fire; remembering, planning,  laughing,  crying and, of course, lovely wedding invitations, as unique as our young bride and groom to be. 


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