Refurbishing Trash Unto Treasure

In preparation for its reincarnation, my treasure has been cleaned, re-cleaned and cleaned again, but still a heavy odor of cigarette smoke clings tenaciously to its walls; such are the challenges of re-purposing junk.  It has been scrubbed with soapy water, odor neutralizer and baking soda.  I have sanded, primed and painted my smelly little treasure. Now it spends it days in the sun with its cabinet door wide open. Mother always says that fresh air and sunshine is the best remedy for musty smells; fingers crossed it also works on cigarette smoke.

Even as I struggle with the lingering effects of my treasure’s previous life, I begin the refurbishing.  From the first moment that my heart attached to the discarded piece, I knew that it would be reborn in a lovely shade of blue.  My inspiration was a pair of amazing, vintage, French shutters I recently saw at a flea market.  What I didn’t know, until I began the process, was that it would be applied with a dry brush over the palest shade of aqua, sanded to a worn patina and rubbed with stain to a mellow finish. Simply lovely; but now, how to finish the top… mosaic?

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