Viva la Flamingos – In Mosaic

The prep work is complete and the cabinet painted, I love the effect of the dry brushed blue, but now I must decide how I will finish the top of my salvage project.  Originally it had a faux-aged mirror, which had shattered, and gold accents. My first thought was simply to replace it with a vintage mirror, one with much of the silver backing cracked or pealing. It would be a great look and very French, after all the vibrant French shutters were my inspiration for the blue base.  Of course a painting is always nice, perhaps a French pastoral scene.  Maybe decoupage, like my recent trash can project (see sidebar – Arts and Craft Projects/Vintage Florida). I could apply images of France, I have some great photos of my travels there; all great options, but I’m simply in the mood to mosaic.

one inch glass tilesSo the top will be a mosaic, now I need a pattern.  Digging through my collection of   tiles, it seems I’m consistently drawn to bright orange, coral and pink. But there’s a problem with these particular tiles, well actually two problems, I have a very limited number of them and the cabinet is blue. None the less these intense colors, spread flamingo pattern for mosaic projectout in front of me like a dramatic sunset, excite my imagination. Logic suggests a floral pattern, very French, but my heart is saying flamingo; definitely not French! I will design a flamingo in blue water,I have a myriad of blue hued tiles; aqua, sage, teal, Mediterranean, even the French shutter blue of my inspiration.

The top will be bright-colored flamingos wading in a pool of blue hues; Viva la flamingos!

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