Wedding Stage

As the big day approaches we are starting to get busy again.  Cindy will be flying in for the weekend and we should be able to get several things checked off our list.  But thanks to the dedication and skills of my husband, we can check one major project off our to-do list; the building of the ceremony platform.   Yes there will be a raised platform for the bride and groom to stand on and exchange vows.  It is necessitated by the location. While the wedding will take place at the beach it will not be on the beach.  Cindy and Benny want to be married at the beach house. The house is roomy enough to  shelter all the  wonderful memories our family has made and have yet to make there but not large enough to host a two hundred guest wedding. The lot is small and if not for the generosity of our neighbors allowing our celebration to spill out over the property lines and into their yards, patios and even drive ways, the location and wedding dreams of my daughter, would not come to fruition. 

But as we are blessed with wonderful neighbors the plan is for the ceremony to take place on our patio with the happy couple elevated above the crowd.  That brings me back to the platform.  I like to multipurpose whenever possible and I immediately realized the dual potential in this project. Now Cindy and Benny have their stage and I have my long dreamed of patio lounger.  Thanks hubby, great job.






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