NYC Summer Street Fairs

I am so excited about this post! My daughter, Cynthia, lives in in Brooklyn and as a active  twenty something New Yorker, she is always texting me about some great event, restaurant or place that she has discovered. With a great creative eye and amazing writing voice she takes me along on many of her adventures. So, after much begging and pleading, it is by no means above me to beg, she finally agreed to summit a post for Blue Antler Studio so that all who gather with us on via the inter-net can also  enjoy New York City through her creative vision.  Enjoy!

There is so much to love about New York City in the summer. Flowers in full bloom and green grass bursting through every crack in the sidewalk, the smell of bbq cooking and the sounds of reggae music from windows in Brooklyn, and New Yorkers enjoying every drop of sunshine as they eat brunch outside sipping coffee and mimosas. Because half of the year is spent hiding inside from the waist deep snow, when the weather is mild people are outside making the most of it. One of my favorite ways to spend a summer afternoon in the city is wandering around one of the many farmers markets, flea markets, and street fairs. A dear friend of mine is the nyc hester street faircreative genius behind FattyCakes NY, specializing in “ridiculous cookies!” When she asked me to come keep her company on a sunny June afternoon with the promise of cookies and tacos, how could I say no? I jumped on the subway and made the trip from outer borough to Manhattan to check out the Hester Street Fair. The Hester Street Fair is located in the historic Lower Eat Side neighborhood, and was once home to New York City’s largest pushcart markets. The organizers pride themselves on creating a space for small local businesses to sell unique goods and delicious foods, while remaining true to the energy of the neighborhood and its’ inhabitants. A small army of tents is set up under large trees, creating a cool shade for leisurely strolling and checking out the vendors. After stopping in at the FattyCakes booth, I made my way over to nyc street fair foodBrooklyn Taco. Who could resist the Guaco Taco, made with avocado, raw sweet corn, tomatoes, red onion, lime, crema and cotija cheese? The spiciness of the taco required a refreshing drink, so my next stop was the Fresh Ginger Ale booth, where I decided on a Pomegranate Hibiscus blend. The fizz and bite from the ginger made for a delicious combination. Although most of my afternoon revolved around food, I did manage to check some truly beautiful jewelry made with ancient stones, vintage clothes in alluringly bright colors perfect for summer street fashion, and even watched a pick up gamjars of goodies by fatty cakes of nyce of ping-pong at the table set up for friendly competition. The crowd was diverse- young and old, human and canine, all with smiling faces enjoying the beautiful weather and creative atmosphere. Some came ready to buy and others to take advantage of the free samples. By the end of the day, my purse was filled with a jar of blueberry-bourbon jam from the delightful girls behind The Jam Stand and a bag of candied bacon and chocolate chip cookies courtesy of FattyCakes. The Hester Street Fair was the perfect way to spend a sunny summer afternoon in NYC.




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