Love, TT Visits Blue Antler Studio

jewelry by love ttBlue Antler Studio was host to a discussion and demonstration featuring artist Kate White of Love TT and Art And Ambiance. Kate, my very creative daughter and her equally creative sister Cindy, came back to the ridge from their homes in NC and NYC to celebrate their grandparent’s anniversary.

Inspired by the creative atmosphere and beautiful setting, as well as the support and help of her sister, Kate took the opportunity to hold a photo shoot that would showcase her jewelry line. It was inspiring to watch the two girls as they worked in creative harmony producing photos for “Love, TT” so lovely they could grace the walls of any gallery or magazine page; be sure to follow her virtual shop to be the first to see the beautiful photos –

On the eve of her departure, after a too short visit and persistent requests, Kate graciously agreed to a gathering at Blue Antler Studio to share her creations and her creative process.  The timing was perfect as she was particularly inspired after an afternoon of rummaging through her grandpa TT’s barn.  Of course he had set aside some special finds and he even pulled out his personal broach collection for her.  After some friendly haggling, he finally let her pay for her new “grandpa’s barn” treasures. So with the heat of the day reluctantly easing,  friends and family and a few new kindred spirits came together in Blue Antler Studio. Kate, using some of her new acquisitions, awed those who had come with her  creative energy and unique vision. The youngest kindred spirit seemed particularly pleased with her new Love TT necklace, bracelet and ring! 

modern jewelry created from vintage costume jewelryThank you to those who came to the gathering; we sincerely hope you were inspired. And thanks Kate for sharing your beautiful creations as well as the process in which you bring new beauty, life and purpose to once treasured items, making them truly twice treasured.







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  1. I had such a great time! Thanks to you, Cindy, Mary Ellen, Edna, and even Jeff for all your help on the photo shoot! Blue Antler Studio is such an inspiring place to be creative 🙂


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