How to Make Beautiful Gift Boxes, Creativity Inspiring Creativity

handcrafted gift boxes made from photo copied imagesThe recent visit of my daughter Kate, the artist behind Twice Treasured, left all of us out on the ridge inspired by her energy and creativity. So after her too short visit, we gathered at the studio. Under the creative instruction of my sister Jane, in from California, and using beautiful images from the recent photo shoot for Kate’s Love, TT jewelry line, we crafted these beautiful boxes

For those of you who may be interested in creating some beautiful boxes of your own here are the instructions.


Template: Note (We used the same medium weight card stock for the template and the boxes.

  • Cut two squares out of your template material – (1) 7 ½ inch square and (1) 7 3/8 inch square
  • Cut a 2 3/4 inch square window into the very center of the 7 ½ inch square

Note (the window will allow you to see what part of the image will appear on the top of the finished box DO NOT cut out the opening on the box project)

Make copies of any image you want onto medium weight cardstock.

  • Take the larger template and use the viewing window to align the image as you want it to appear on the finished box. Then mark around the perimeter and cut out a square for the top of the box. DO NOT CUT out the small window.



  • On the back side of the square mark the center by drawing lightly with a pencil a line from corner to corner diagonally, forming an X in the center.
  •  With the back side of the paper facing up, fold each corner of the paper into the center point you marked with an X in the previous step.


Note (you should now have a smaller square with the image showing on each side)

  •  Carefully but thoroughly crease the folds.


  •  Next unfold two opposites corners.
  •  Now take the two sides that still have the corners folded and fold them again but this time lengthwise, in toward each other, meeting in the center and lining up parallel, make sure the corners stay in place. Crease well.

Note (the two sides should meet precisely in the middle and line up exactly parallel)

  •  Now unfold the parallel folds you just made.
  •  Refold the other two corners; you should now be back to the small square with image showing on top and bottom and all four corners touching in the middle.


  •  Next take the first two corners you made the lengthwise folds on and unfold them completely.


  •  Now you can fold the next two sides lengthwise toward each other meeting in the center (parallel to each other) and crease well just as you did to the other two sides.


Note (all the folds you have made so far have a memory and when folded in sequence will now make your box).


Now for the hard part: Take a deep breath…

  •  Unfold the lengthwise folds you just made and refold the other two corners; you are, yet again, back to the small square with the corners touching and the image on both top and bottom of the project.



  • Now find the center square formed by the creases you’ve made. With the corners still folded, place your finger on the corner of the creased square and lift the corresponding corner of the project. Your finger should encourage the paper to fold at the corner point of the crease.



  •  As you lift the corner up and toward the center of the project, watch for a dart to form on the inside  and for the two sides to rise up and together, forming a corner.




  • Press the corner together and severely crease the dart. (the dart should be pointing toward the center of the project)




  •  Do the same to all four corners.




Note (The project should still be at the point where the four corners meet making a square with the image on both top and bottom)

  •  Now one more time unfold two opposite sides.


  •  Once again refold the lengthwise fold you made earlier on the other two sides.



  •  Lift open the lengthwise folds to 90 degrees, forming the first two walls of your box.




  • While holding the first two walls in place, slowly lift either of the remaining two sides up – folding from the inner most crease inside the box. As you do this watch for corner darts to form and be sure to force the darts toward each other on the inside of the box.



  •  Wrap the rest of the extended wall over and down along the inside of the wall (covering the darts) and across the inside of the box – press into place.



  •  Repeat on the other side.


  •  Final,ly using the smaller template, repeat all the steps to make the bottom compartment of your box.

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  1. Instruction for beautiful gift books seems to me so easy to capture. I’m now starting for make it. I hope I will able to make it and will also post all the picture of my making events on my site. Thanks mate 🙂


  2. Thanks for visiting Blue Antler Studio; I look forward to seeing the pics of your own gift box project.

    I have visited your site often, how could I not with the name “Blue Lamp” – nice stuff.


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