Blue Anter Studio Renovation

restoring old log house circa 1820s

That’s my man high up there on the scaffolding.

I mentioned in an earlier post that we discovered considerable critter damage in the ceilings of both the cabin and Blue Antler Studio. So, with repair absolutely necessary,  we’ve decided to take advantage of the situation and change things up a bit while we’re at it.  Work on the studio began by tearing down the ceiling; we striped away the paneling,  insulation and critter pooh, to expose the metal roofing.  The first step for the cabin  was to set up scaffolding. It sure didn’t seem so high thirty years ago,  when we were hoisting the logs up and into place.

Just one of the nests we found behind the ceiling, eeckes!

We want to recycle the tongue and grove; but first I’ll get it scraped, cleaned and primed.

The plan is to paint the ceiling and leave the rafters exposed.  Rigid foam board sandwiched between the tin and panelling will provide  insulation.  If you look closely you can see the expanding foam we sprayed into cracks for further insulation.

My hubby nailing up the ceiling while my brother cuts each piece to fit.

 It’s a lucky lady who has a handyman in her life, and I have two!

 Be sure to follow our progress!

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