TT’s Barn

 Sense reference to my dad’s barn appears so often on this site, I want to share with you this special place in my life and take you along on a treasure hunt.

Weather I’m in search for a specific object or inspiration, I never leave disappointed.

Dad’s barn is a little like life; sometimes it’s filled with great stuff and sometimes it’s just full of stuff –  but much of the thrill is in the hunt.

Yet I must admit, there’s a lot of fun in finding!

While the cavernous space holds  many treasures, it also holds a lifetime of memories. As a child on the ridge I saw first hand what happens when a community comes together to help one another. Not only did friends and neighbors gather to help my dad raise the pole barn, but a few years later, after an injury left him unable to work, they came together yet again; to house his tobacco in the same barn they had helped build.

All sorts of treasures are sheltered in the old barn; many are eventually sold or shared with friends, some are on display in my home and some live permanently in my heart.







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