Cabin Repair Update

Almost as soon as we began the repairs on the high eves of the cabin, where squirrels had chewed their way into the attic, we discovered that time and weather had also taken a toll on the high gable-end windows. So, as usually happens with repair and remodels, the project expanded.

We decided to replace the original long, center -fixed -pane, window with two individual windows. This left a gap in the tongue and grove bead-board on the wall and an opportunity to shake things up a little.

With my two girls now married we are blending new families into our own. So we were already thinking about how to make room for everyone.  Since adding on space  is currently out of the question, the solution would have to come from adding accommodations within the space we already have. 

With a couple of gallons of paint, some  curtains, two full-sized beds, linens and some furniture rearranging and of course a sweet chandelier,  we took the room from a dated girls room into a fresh room; ready to welcome our young couples into our home and into the fabric of our family.

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