Beautiful Belize!

maya temple, belize

For the past five days we’ve dined on fry jacks in cafes with sand floors, climbed ancient temples, swam through coral kathy sail and snorkel belize 2011canyons and huddled, with six of our dearest friends, under a patojo's dive shop belizebright red tarp in a boat speeding through the rain and tight, twisting, mangrove channels, lined with monkeys, exotic plants and birds.


We just returned from a wonderful, albeit wet, weekend on Ambergris Cay; a small island in the Caribbean off the coast of Belize. It claims the second longest barrier reef in the world, which also gives it boasting rights for  world-class diving. Off the beach there are beautiful rivers, Maya ruins and quaint villages filled with skilled craftsmen to explore.

My hubby and I were traveling with a group of friends on our annual couple’s trip. The group has been traveling together every year for ten years. The trips are about being together with good friends and loving partners.  To remind us that we are more than mothers and fathers, more than engineers, accountants, veterinarians, admins, teachers or artists; we ladies put on our sexiest clothes and attitudes (sorry kids) and our men fuss over how lovely we are and we spend a long weekend being couples.

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 jewlery artisan belize 2011

belize 2011

belize carving
Belize carving


belize jewlery


carved bowl and spoons from belize
Carved bowl fork and spoon from Belize
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