Sun, Waves, Yoga and New Friends

When I met Shata a few months ago it was as if unseen powers were conspiring to bring the two of us together.  I was searching for a path to heal my injured shoulder and back; she was looking for a place to host a yoga retreat.  Her amazing Thai Yoga sessions have already brought relief to my back and have begun to restore the range of motion in my shoulder.  And this weekend the beach house provided her a perfect place to host a goddess yoga retreat.

Lisa and I, along with our friend Karen, joined Shata and three of her students at the beach for a weekend of yoga, raw food and female bonding.  The diverse group of women formed an immediate bond and generated a positive energy that enveloped us throughout the weekend.

 Shata generously gave of herself, leading us through meditation, yoga and conversation.  Lisa and Karen shared their knowledge of raw food and helped prepare delicious healthy meals.  Marigrace gave us insight into the healing art of acupuncture. Hong brought her quiet but powerful energy and shared stories of her childhood in China.  At the end of our retreat, Jean, adventuresome and athletic, led our small band of middle-aged women, laughing, jumping and freezing into the waves. With our minds free of daily necessities, our spirits opened by meditation and our bodies energized by the yoga and the clear cold water, we danced about and rode the waves, laughing and giggling, like a bunch of young, carefree girls.

Namaste 🙂

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