The other day I ran into an old acquaintance, the mother of one of my daughter’s high school friends. During those wonderful, crazy days of my children’s childhoods she and I crossed paths often. So, you would think, I could greet her by name; except for the fact that my stubborn mind refused to give up that information. Fortunately I soon recognized the same look on her face as she pleaded with her own locked brain to release my name. So what started out as an embarrassing situation turned into a shared “senior moment” that we both laughed off before sending greetings to each other’s daughters, whose names we did remember, and going our separate ways.

Besides senior moments there are blonde  moments –

we’re often encouraged to “live in the moment”-

Given the opportunity to “take a moment”-

Or experience our own personal moment.

Life is a collection of moments and very often defined by them; good, bad, happy, sad, peaceful, scary, embarrassing, magical, exhilarating moments.

 I have a friend who likes to pause whatever is going on around her to recognize, share and toast meaningful moments-

A group of friends in the middle of raucous laughter will see her raised arm in salute to the joyful times shared by good friends, she’s “having a moment” and all salute in solidarity.

Family and friends gathered  around a table, pause the conversation and meal because she has raised her glass to toast the scene and everyone reaches their glasses towards each others.

In the quiet at the end of an exhilarating day she’ll smile turning to make eye contact with those around her and then lift her arm in a quiet salute, holding it there until all have joined her.

I have decided to adopted my friend’s act of saluting special moments, it solidifies not only the special times in life but the relationships with which they’re shared; helping to store both in my heart and mind where they can be pulled out of my memory whenever I need a smile; except, of course, during senior moments.



Life’s moments are precious – salute them all.


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  1. I’m “having a moment” just by reading this post!


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