A Story About Hubby

 I want to tell you a story. This story began several years ago, when my babies were really babies, and my young family was spending a long weekend at a friend’s condo on the beach. My hubby, as he has most of our married life, had to work half a day on Saturday, so the plan was for him to join us in the early afternoon.  But as the kids played in the sand and the sun drifted further and further toward the west, there was no sign of hubby.  Back in the ole’ days when the world was not tethered together by cell phones all I could do was wait and grow more and more impatient.  Just as I was about to pack up, he came hurrying across the beach, still wearing his work clothes.

 Like a little boy bursting with a secret he could hold no longer, my hubby sat down in the sand beside me. Barely aware of the kids crawling over him in their daddy’s home euphoria, and seemingly oblivious to my annoyance, he began…

  “There was an ad in the paper for reclaimed lumber”, he paused, I’m not sure if was for effect or to gauge my mood. Then he rambled on excitedly about an old man, a garage stacked full like a warehouse, something about cypress maybe pecking cypress, walnut or heart pine: Whatever, I knew where the story was headed so I finally interrupted with “How much did you spend?”   He fought a sheepish grin as he held up four fingers. “You spent four hundred dollars on a pile of old wood” I asked accusingly. The sheepish grin took total control as he slowly shook his head no. “You spent four THOUSAND dollars!” I all but shouted.

He went on to assure me that it was a great deal and he would get more for the lumber than he had paid and still have extra for projects.  Well all these years later he has yet to sell a single board foot; not that there haven’t been buyers, but all have failed his screening process.  Through the years he has however shared his treasure with like-minded lumber lovers with  plans deemed worthy; and of course our beloved beach house has lovely cypress doors and window trim, an amazing handcrafted fireplace mantle and a family sized farm-house table for gathering around. This one I have to give him – you did good hubby.

Wine rack created by hubby from salvaged wood…

 The beautiful trim crafted from hubby’s beloved lumber…

 Family gathered around a table designed and built by hubby.

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