The Brooklyn Flea

I have to admit that I have an addiction; flea markets, yard sales and auctions. They satisfy the junking gene I inherited from my dad. Now, for good or for bad, it seems I have passed it on to my own children, or at least to my girls. My son’s addiction is the outdoors and as he carries nearly all his worldly possessions around in his old Jeep Cherokee, it’s a good thing he doesn’t have the junking gene: although you’d never know by looking in the back of his jeep.

My daughter’s, however are a different story.Kate, peruses thrift stores and consignment shops looking for vintage jewelry and baubles to design her Love TT jewelry line. Cindy, my New Yorker, takes advantage of the Brooklyn tradition of recycling items by neatly placing them on the sidewalk, indicating they are free for the taking.  She has repurposed frames, prints, mirrors and books; all collected for free around her neighborhood. But her favorite haunt is the Brooklyn Flea,,  so she placed it at the top of our “must do” list during our recent visit; along with eating at more incredible restaurants in three short days, than was physically possible.

We set out for the market under an intensely blue sky and the morning light playing in the trees intensified the bright hues of autumn. The Brooklyn flea is just a short walk from the loft and soon we had joined fellow treasure hunters crowding the stalls and wandering hopefully among racks of vintage clothing, furniture, books and collectables.

The mood was as light and cheerful as the beautiful morning.  Flipping through a rack of seventy’s era clothing was like standing in my teenage closet and I was tempted to buy a crocheted poncho with fringe; but I resisted. We dug through old jewelry and vintage textiles; admired locally crafted Tee’s, cards and scarves; then we found our first must-have treasure; an old metal desk with three colors of peeling paint, dints, dings and enough cubbies to make it perfect for a studio. But my daughter claimed it first.

 Next her husband found some metal shelving to use as his man bar.

  And I didn’t leave empty-handed; an old shoe rack will make a cool wine rack!

I don’t know if it was the beautiful day, or the mood of the shoppers or the fact we had our truck in the city, but when we finally left the market, the bed of the pickup was full of  newly acquired treasures.

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