Recycling Paper Into Christmas Ornament

paper cut christmas treel, tree ornamentI love home-made Christmas ornaments and I really enjoy making them myself. In this post I’m sharing one of my favorite and easiest ornaments to make. It’s a paper Christmas tree cut from recycled paper.  I mentioned this project  in a post last year but it is such a great project I think it’s worth mentioning again, and this time I have a template for any one that would like to print it and use it for a pattern.

All you’ll need to create this beautiful Christmas decoration is a pencil, a pair of scissors, a sewing machine, some small beads and paper (old magazines pages and junk mail work great), glitter, glue stick and my pattern are optional but a creative spirit is not 🙂



  1. Size the pattern to desirable size and print.
  2. Collect pages from an old magazine (I look for colors that I like within the pages).
  3. Layer three pages together and cut them into a rectangle an inch larger than the tree pattern.
  4. optional – Apply glue using a glue stick to both sides of each page and sprinkle with glitter and let dry before continuing.
  5. With the three pages still layered together, and leaving a six-inch tail of thread on both ends, sew a running sitch lengthwise along the center of the layered papers, stitching them all together. 
  6. Knot the thread on the top, leaving a loop for hanging.
  7. Thread beads onto the bottom thread tail and knot off.
  8. Trace the pattern onto the top page and cut out the design through all three of the sewn pages at once or ( you can fold the pages along the stitching and trace only half the pattern onto the folded top page then cut through all six pieces of paper at one time). 
  9. Fold apart the pages.
  10. Hang on your Christmas tree.
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