What Goes Up Before The Holidays, Must Come Down After The Holidays

ornament crafted from remnant of vintage quiltIf you’re like me you dread the after-holiday let-down and clean up.  For me, over the years the unpleasant task of taking down and packing up the season’s decorations has continued to grow, slowly diminishing the enthusiasm in which I adorn my home for the holidays. Even knowing the significance this particular Christmas would hold for my family, there was a nagging in the back of my mind, reminding me that what goes up before thepainted gourd angel ornament holidays must come down after the holidays. And sure enough after the celebrations, while I was standing on the porch still waving goodbye to the children as they left the ridge and headed back to their separate lives, I could feel the dread waiting to rush in and fill the temporary void their departure always leaves in my spirit. But this year I was surprised by my reaction to the negative feelings; instead of sadness, I felt angry.

How dare negativity slip in and try to taint such a wonderful family gathering? How could I have allowed, even fostered, a state of mind that could diminish such a special time? Standing there in the wonderland of cedar trees, poinsettia and lights we had created on my porch, I made my second New Year’s resolution – stay mindful of the toll negativity takes on my life and spirit. And believe it or not, just like that I felt lifted; the dread was gone, crowed out by joy for the season, for my family and for our time gathered together.

family portrait

Now if only I can do that again as I begin the packing process to leave Blue Antler Studio and my cabin on the ridge.

the cabin and blue antler studio


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  1. It’s always hard to leave such an awesome place! Time to start planning our next visit 🙂


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