Repurposed Apple Crate

With the arrival of the new year, Lisa and I have begun our final push to get ready for the upcoming antique extravaganza. I just finished this project and I am so pleased with the outcome, I had to take some time to share it with you.

close up of repurposed pink apple box into sidetable

The little side-table started life as a primitive wooden apple crate.  When I found this little treasure, the paper label had mostly peeled away, but what was left of it was lovely; and pink paint, flaking from the wood inside and out, had mellowed to a wonderfully soft hue.

wooden apple box label

I gently scrubbed away the years of dust and grime, careful not to destroy anymore of the label and to remove only the flakiest paint.  Then I added, (well hubby added), caster wheels, a wooden shelf with old green paint and finally an overall coat of poly.

repurposed  pink apple box side table

Isn’t it adorable!

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