Butterfly Days

butterfly days book

During my recent organizing frenzy I stirred up more than just dust and memories. I rediscovered some of the fun projects and activities from my children’s childhood. One of my favorites took place over the summer of 2000.  It was the first time that my girls spent part of the summer away from the cabin, making their little brother a lonely boy. 

As a creative person I believe in the power of creativity to cure many ills, including a little brother missing his big sisters. That summer Mother Nature herself would provide inspiration – butterflies; colorful, delicate wings in unbelievable numbers, fluttered on the flowers of our garden, floated over the yard and gathered around mud puddles.

butterfly image

With a good butterfly book in hand we spent long days among the kaleidoscope of our colorful winged visitors, photographing, identifying, documenting and even befriending them.  Soon we were not only getting close enough to capture them on film, but with gentle coaxing they would crawl right onto our fingers; my then ten-year old son, still holds the record at five Great Spangled Fritillaries on one hand at one time!

nate with three butterflies

Using a small spiraled book, colorful markers, photo-corners and our camera, we created this scrapbook of our summer of butterflies.

butterfly scrapbook


pages of a butterfly watcher scrapbook

butterfly scrapbook

butterfly count listed in scrapbook



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