Reincarnating an Old Cherry Tree

Recently my hubby came to the difficult decision to have a large cherry tree removed from our yard.  The tree, which stood near our property line, loomed over our neighbor’s bed room. The massive tree was showing some signs of decay but when we spotted termites swarming out from the base of the tree, we knew it was no longer safe.

cherry tree in yard

But with the loss of the tree came opportunity.  We had a local tree guy carefully take the tree down so that it could be recycled into my hubby’s beautiful creations, like the lovely live edge spalted maple table pictured below that  he crafted as a wedding gift for our daughter and her hubby.

wayne with cindys pine table

 The log was then taken to a special sawmill that specializes in salvaged materials where it was processed to my hubby’s specs. While it will be more than a year before the lumber will be ready to be reincarnated, we are already dreaming up new designs and uses that will honor and give new life to our beautiful cherry tree.

cherry trree at sawmill

stack of cherry lumber

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  1. Dibs! Oh wait, is the table going to have a dent in it from where dad backed into the tree with his car numerous times?


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