A Beautiful Day On The Water

hubby at the helm of his silver king flats boat

Hubby and I spent one day this past weekend aboard our flats boat exploring the local waterways. Most of the area is a minimum wake zone, so we slowly motored through channels and among the mangroves, taking pictures and watching for manatee and dolphins.

south causeway nsb fl

The day was beautiful, the sky wide and blue and the water calm. I snapped pictures of the scenery, wildlife and boaters until my memory card was full; they will be great inspiration for future paintings.

boats and sweeet little cottage along intracoastal waterway

At lunch we moored up at a colorful fish camp, turned restaurant, for fish tacos and a margarita.

colorful fish-camp restaurnt ponce inlet fl

 eclectic fish-camp Ponce Inlet FL

water-side fish-camp restaurant ponce inlet fl

creative mason jar fly traps

By mid-day the sandbar near the inlet, known locally as disappearing island because it is exposed only at low tide, was circled by boats nosed up to the sand so picnickers, volleyball players and Frisbee throwers, along with their dogs, could enjoy the temporary island.

disappearing island nsb fl

It was such a wonderful day full of inspiration I wanted to share it with you – I hope you enjoyed the boat ride.

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