Travel Dreaming

i'm in venice italy

A few years back (exactly how many will remain unspecified), I took an amazing sojourn in celebration of my fiftieth birthday. Lasting several weeks, the solo journey took me through France, Italy, Switzerland and personal transformation.
During the months of dreaming, researching and planning for the trip, I suppressed concerns and fears that could threaten my will to make such a journey. I had been to Europe only once before, to Italy with a group of friends.  I knew this trip would be different, what I couldn’t know was just how different; how the unexpected challenges and rewards I faced along the way would shape not only the experience, but me.

Check out the travel page where you can read the journal I kept during my travels and look at some amazing photos; then drop me a note if you have any questions about my travels  or have comments you would like to share on your own journey.


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