Up North Maine

mount kineo moosehead lake maine

If you ever thought about visiting Up North Maine I have a special place to tell you about.  A scenic two and a half hour drive north of Bangor, on a small but dramatic island on Moosehead Lake, there is an old Arts and Craft style lodge sitting in the shadow of the impressive rock face of  Mount Kineo. The historic Oak Lodge is owned and operated by some good friends of ours whose welcoming and laid-back style has cultivated a loyal clientele.  Many of their seasonal bookings are returning guests who come to enjoy the company of the proprietors as much as the golf course,  hiking and nature viewing. Having known the Musser family for many years we can certainly understand why.

moose on a maine road


dock at the oak lodge

flowers of the oak lodge

Our last visit happened to be over the 4th of July, so we got to participate in the annual golf cart parade and island lobster boil and picnic.

kineo Island golf cart 4th of july parade

4th of July parade pup participant

4th of july picnic


We had a great time visiting, hiking, rock climbing, canoeing and fishing.

hiking in maine

high hike in maine

repelling mount kineo

canoeing moosehead lake

So if you ever have the opportunity, take a trip up north to Maine, Moosehead Lake and the historic Oak Lodge. fishing in maine

the oak lodge maine
The Oak Lodge, Kineo Island, Moosehead Lake, Maine

historic marker oak lodge

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