Life on the Creative Side: A South American Travel Adventure

Living life on the creative side takes as many different paths as there are creative people traveling them. At Blue Antler Studio creativity is celebrated  in everything from food and gardening to art, crafting and sewing; from woodworking to up-cycling old things: and  from gatherings to  travel  – and now I am excited to share a great new  travel blog – from a seat with a view – a South American travel adventure.

Meet Nate, my baby boy…

nate rock climbing

OK he’s really an independent twenty-two year old man, but to me he will always be my sweet baby bean (born several weeks premature and under 4 lbs, he was no bigger than a bean).

Although still a young man, Nate and his buddy Caleb have inspired me to expand my perspective of  life on the creative side and now you can be inspired by them as well.

nate and caleb in california

After graduating from high school these two childhood friends decided to shake things up, to challenge themselves to live outside the common place, to seek out and live more creative, rewarding lives. Travel would be the vehicle; but  with limited finances they had to get creative: the solution – a journey across the country, unsupported, on their bicycles. Along the way they made new friends,  great memories and the promise to live their best lives.

Nate's US bike trip 2009, prelude to south american travel adventure 2012

Sleeping under the stars, an occasional bridge, in hammocks, tents and now and then the home of someone willing to take them in, they spent three months exploring the US and its diverse and generous people; they were hooked. So after graduating from Auburn University, Nate headed off to Alaska where he worked as a naturalist and guide,

nate in alaska 2012 earning money for south american travel

while Caleb took a job as a bike courier and parks employee to earn money for the next adventure – biking through South America! Their adventure, and my anxiety (I can’t help it, I’m a mom), begins November 8, 2012 when they fly to Quito Ecuador. Click over to their blog from a seat with a view where you can see some great pics of their first trip and follow them  as they embark on their great South American travel adventure.

1 thought on “Life on the Creative Side: A South American Travel Adventure

  1. I’m nervous for them to get started but SOO excited to read and watch their adventures on their blog!


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