Another Moment For My Collection

Collecting moments is easy when you surround yourself with good people.


Hubby and I have been fortunate to have had our lives filled with good people. Great friends – both new and old – families and neighbors have made for a moment filled life. For our children, the best memories of growing up are populated by aunts with Barbie dolls in balloons, uncles with cool antique cars and four wheelers, grandmas with warm hugs, grandpas with walking sticks and mischievous smiles and dads of “The Camping Group”.



As young new parents a group of our friends formed a father/children camping group. Once a month the moms escaped life’s routine at a mom’s-night-out-dinner, while our hubbies let the children run wild through various state parks and camp grounds. There are countless stories, that have grow bigger with each retelling, of gators, bears, rope swings and camp fires. Eventually the group grew to more than a dozen dads and their kids, which lead to the creation of a custom ¬†camping grill – “the camping trailer” – to feed the growing number of mouths. Now, with countless camping trips, almost as many tailgate parties, numerous end-of-the-school-year parties, and one wedding later the old camping trailer found itself in need of repair. So this weekend the dads came together once again to give the old trailer a new life; and me, moment number two for my collection of moments, 2013.


Who knows maybe there will be a second generation camping group.

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