A Thankful American Moment

From my window I am witness to a thankful American moment.

displaying the american flag

My neighbor at the beach is an elderly man in his eighties.  As a young man he immigrated from Portugal to the United States, three times, twice ill-legally then finally legally. Everyday since he was given the opportunity  to become an American citizen he has taken a moment to give thanks for that privilege.  Now seventy some years later he still puts out his American flag each morning and takes it back down each evening; a ritual I often noticed from my window. The amazing thing is that after all these years it hasn’t become just another of his daily chores. Each time this grateful American puts out the flag he takes a moment to give thanks; he wraps himself in his flag, says a small prayer and raises a corner of the flag to his lips for a kiss; then, more often than not, he subtly wipes a tear from his eye.

displaying the american flage

God bless America

1 thought on “A Thankful American Moment

  1. beautiful, patriotic moment!


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