Art Gallery

Our art gallery contains high quality folk art, fine art paintings, crafts, high end Santa’s, and more! The art is produced by the artisans of Rocky Round Ridge  and collected and displayed, here at Blue Antler Studio. You can inquire about sales or ask questions through the comments boxes on each page, thanks.




My hand painted wine glasses combine some of my favorite things, painting, travel, wine and friends.  The scenes often depict places I love and places I’ve been. This particular wine glass represents an adventure involving great friends, a harrowing white water rafting trip, an impending hurricane and this little over the water bar. The day took us through the Blue Jamaican Mountains; down a beautiful but swollen river; a trek through back yards, ducking clothes lines, dodging dogs and chickens to a colorful wooden boat on a secluded beach where the proprietors ferried us out to their establishment, which they had constructed over a sandbar from found drift wood and local palm fronds.



After taking a course in Venice, Italy I have continued my mosaic education by trial and error, learning form every randomly placed piece. My mosaics tend to be eclectic with random patterned backgrounds and re-purposed materials including tumbled glass and jute rope.



I’ve been crafting Santa’s since 1989 from vintage and recycled materials. The faces are individually hand sculpted. They wear clothing crafted from remnants of salvaged fur, woolen and cotton garments and come loaded with unique, hand crafted and antique toys.











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