We love mosaics, especially when it is random and re-purposed, our specialty. After taking a course in Venice Italy, Kathy was smitten by the art. She has continued her mosaic education by trial and error, learning form every randomly placed piece. Mosaics, like life,  are the compilation of random pieces of color, shape and texture, all pieced together to create a greater beauty.

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2 thoughts on “Mosaics

  1. Hey Kathy,
    It is great to see your mosaic work, your art life and such a beautiful website that renders it all magnificently! Venice has left its mark on me too. I have to return at least once a year to feel whole.

    much love, mireille


    1. Oh if only I could return to Venice every year! When I do get to return it would fun to have a class reunion of sorts.

      Thanks for the comment Mireille,


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