Life In The Salt Spray

sunrise at the beachLife within the reach of the Atlantic’s salty spray is about as far from the ridge and the dreams of my youth as I could imagine. Our circa 1940’s beach cottage is not the two hundred year old stone farm-house of my life plan. Rolling waves not rolling hills lay beyond my window; wayne and kathy lambert resortthe passage of time is seen in the ebb and flow of  the tide not the wax and waning of seasons; and the first snowbirds not the first snowfall hearld in the holidays.  While I am, and  will always be a ridge-top country girl, and beautiful old stone structures still populate my dreams, I have come to embrace flip-flops and my life in the salt spray; but my heart still leads me back to the ridge and my Blue Antler Studio. dramatic sunrise over the atlantic

flats fishingfun and friends at the beach










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