Seaside Style

Seaside style

beach house

I  have been lucky enough to spend part of my life in or near the salt spray of the sea.  In many ways that part of my life is very different from my cabin on the ridge where history, tradition and rural living amid deep, shady forests and steep meadows of black-eyed Susie’s, Queen Ann’s lace and milkweed  continue to influence me and my style.   Now however, sand, salt and an amazing range of blue and aqua demand a place in my heart and my seaside style.

Beach house


Mornings begin with a kaleidoscopic of sunrise colors.

Sunrise over the ocean from beach house patio



The moods of the sea are many and vivid…

Storm over the ocean



and influence my seaside style –

Inside ….

Seaside style, beach house


Beach house


Beach house


2nd double bedroom


Beach house



and outside.



 Beach house



But the most important element of my style, seaside or on the ridge, is easy comfort; so friends and family feel welcomed and relaxed enough to kick off the flip-flops or gum boots and put their feet up.

Beach house


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